Saturday, September 2, 2017

Conquering Cancer with Dad - Doing Well!

So far, so good! You'd never know that my Dad had chemo 6 days ago! There really haven't been any side effects at all for this first round, and we couldn't be more grateful!  The nurses instructed him to drink tons of water, which he has been, and I know that is key to flushing the evils out of his body. Today is the first day without Prednisone, we'll see if he experiences any ill effects from stopping it. The nurses said he might get a little more fatigue, but that should be it. We are counting our blessings that it has been easy so far.  Just 2 more rounds to go.
I haven't seen my husband Jeff in 11 days, by the time he arrives it will be 2 weeks. As he is the Yin to my Yang, it's been difficult without him. I've missed him terribly during this stressful time.  Jeff will fly the Moonster in on Tuesday and then he, Bonnie and I will return to PHX on Wednesday. We will have one day at home to play with the kitties and then we commute to OAK for 3 days of work. I will find my way back here to Dad the following weekend to prepare for his 2nd round of chemo. I figure I had better squeeze some work in while he's doing so well. Bonnie will stay in PHX as having her around is a little too much change in my Dad's routine, Benji is too lovestruck and doesn't listen like he should. I will miss having her here, but it will be better for all as there can't be any puppy kisses while the chemo drugs build and are excreted through Dad's pores. Telling one puppy no is easier than two.

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